Re-locating Swift Boxes

On the 23rd of February 2020, members of Dunblane Wildlife undertook the removal of three swift nest boxes from the Churches Houses, with kind permission from the owners. The boxes, partially obstructed by vegetation, were not ideally situated for use by swifts, which need a clear flight-path in and out of a potential nesting site.

The three boxes were safely brought down, with inspection of the contents revealing previous use by tits, sparrows, bumblebees and wasps.

Clive takes a turn climbing the ladder to safely remove the third and final swift box

The boxes proved to be in a reasonable state of repair, with only the roofs needing replaced after many years in the shade and damp. Dunblane Wildlife plans to repair and re-locate these boxes in the vicinity of known swift colonies, in the hope of attracting more breeding pairs into the area.

One thought on “Re-locating Swift Boxes

  1. So that’s where the Swift boxes have gone.
    When I worked @ Scottish Churches House as the Gardener, we applied through Anne Young at the Bat Conservation Office, who had found they were avaible through another Wildlife funding grant.
    They didn’t cost us anything, I’m sure there were 6,2 went to Sue & Steve Mcgrail & is still on their house but used by Sparrows @ Ardchattan on the Braeport.
    I think other 2 possibly went to the Cathedral but were never put up, due getting permission from HS.
    This is the history of the boxes.


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